Adaptive Management for Education in Unstable Settings: What will USAID’s New Guidance Mean for Education Projects?

Following up our first blog on adaptive management and emergent theories of change for Goal 3 activities, we are highlighting  Melissa Patsalides’ (Acting Deputy Director for USAID’s Office of Learning, Evaluation and Research) recent update on innovative policy and guidance developments in the Agency.

“Adaptive management is something many USAID staff and implementing partners have intuitively felt the need for, and sometimes implemented in spite of apparent bureaucratic constraints, Read more  »

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Adaptive Management: A Radical New Approach to Programming in EiCC Contexts

Hello ECCN colleagues, I hope that the following and subsequent blogs will trigger a rich discussion among ECCN members about how best to incorporate concepts of adaptive management and emergent theories of change into USAID Goal 3* programs. PLEASE JOIN THE DISCUSSION by responding to this blog, and sharing your own ideas and related links, research, cases and evaluations that exemplify how ‘Adaptive Management’ and an emergent theory of change can work for education programming in crisis and conflict. Read more  »

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USAID ECCN Launches Its First Field Workshop in Nigeria

Workshop participant

How does education impact conflict, and vice versa? How do we design education programs that truly are conflict-sensitive? How can we collaboratively analyze, interpret and use data and evidence in order to improve educational programming? These were some of the topics in which over 60 participants immersed themselves over three days in USAID’s Education in Conflict and Crisis Network’s (ECCN) first field workshop — in Abuja, Nigeria from September 14-16, Read more  »

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Making Meaning Together

People at a table

As we embark on developing the USAID ECCN community of practice, I keep coming back to the phrase: “making meaning together.” For me, this phrase captures the essence of a successful community of practice. It focuses on action (‘making’) and substance (‘meaning’). It underscores the inherently social nature of learning (‘together’).

Lave and Wenger, who first popularized the term ‘community of practice’, Read more  »

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