Alternative education: filling the gap in emergency and post-conflict situations (policy brief)

Author: UNESCO - IIEP and CfBT Education Trust
Year: 2009
Full Citation: UNESCO - IIEP & CfBT Education Trust. (2009). Alternative education: filling the gap in emergency and post-conflict situations. (Policy brief). Paris and London: Author.
Resource Type:
  • Policy / Strategy Resources
  • Understand and Strive for Equity
    • Alternative Education: Livelihoods / Vocational Programming
    • Community Schools / Distance or Virtual Education
  • Africa
    • Liberia
    • Sierra Leone
  • Asia
    • Bangladesh
    • Nepal
Overview: Alternative education programmes are increasingly implemented in emergency and post-conflict situations. This policy brief looks at how these programmes respond to the diverse education needs of children and youth affected by emergencies and conflict. It also analyses the challenges in implementation of alternative education programmes in post-conflict settings and puts forward policy recommendations for their sustainable planning and coordination. This policy brief is based on findings presented in the book Alternative education: Filling the gap in emergency and post-conflict situations, by Pamela Baxter and Lynne Bethke. (p. 1).

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