Starting early to build stronger and more peaceful societies

Author: UNICEF
Year: 2015
Agency: UNICEF
Full Citation: UNICEF. (2015). Starting early to build stronger and more peaceful societies. (Advocacy Brief). New York: Author
Resource Type:
  • Guidance Documents and Tools
  • Design, Implement, Research and Evaluate for Better EiCC Programs
    • Peacebuilding Programming
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Understand and Strive for Equity
  • Africa
    • Cote D'Ivoire
    • Uganda
Target Population(s): Early Childhood (0 to 5), Learner
Overview: Recognizing the interconnectedness of social development and peace articulated in the new Sustainable Development Goals, UNICEF is working with partners on innovative early childhood development (ECD) interventions to reduce violence, promote peace, and provide a robust foundation for children to grow into healthy, active and engaged community members. There are a number of specific ways ECD programming can contribute to peacebuilding: 1. Providing safe, caring and loving environments for young children. 2. Promoting positive attitudes and skills in children. 3. Improving caregiver and children well-being 4. Reducing conflict and violence 5. Diminishing inequities and contributing to social justice 6. Serving as platforms for community cohesion. (pp. 1-4)    

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