Call for Evidence: Affordable non-state schools in contexts of crisis and conflict

Results for Development (R4D) is conducting a literature review on affordable non-state schools in contexts of crisis and conflict. The literature review is one component of a larger USAID commissioned and USAID ECCN facilitated study that seeks to better understand when, what areas, and how governments and donors can engage with the non-state school sector in contexts of crisis and conflict.

Literature to be considered

As part of the review process, R4D has undertaken a systematic search to identify relevant literature related to the eight key research questions. The eight questions are:

  1. How accessible are affordable non-state schools in comparison to state schools in stable contexts?
  2. What is the level of quality of non-state schools relative to state schools?
  3. What are the unique features of a crisis and conflict context that might impact non-state schools?
  4. What are the major constraints and opportunities that affordable non-state schools face in developing countries and are they different for contexts of crisis and conflict?
  5. What role could affordable non-state schools play in conflict and crisis contexts, particularly in rebuilding the country’s education system?
  6. What role could the government play in affordable non-state schools in crisis and conflict countries?
  7. Are there affordable non-state school models that provide insight on how donors and governments can best engage with affordable non-state schools in crisis and conflict countries?
  8. What are the prerequisites that must be in place within the crisis and conflict countries to ensure sustainable investments in affordable non-state schools?

What you are invited to do

You can find the list of studies identified through R4D’s literature search attached below. You are invited to make the research team aware of studies that satisfy the inclusion criteria set out below and which are not listed in the attached document. With your help, we hope a more comprehensive list of relevant literature can be compiled. Findings from the report will certainly be shared with you at the end of the study.

Inclusion criteria

  • Systematic reviews, grey literature, donor and government reports, and academic articles that examine non-state schools (e.g. affordable private schools, community schools, NGO schools) in either stable or crisis/conflict-affected contexts
  • Published between 2010 and the present (highly relevant literature published before 2010 will be considered)
  • No geographical restriction
  • English, French, and Spanish language studies

Citations to studies should be emailed to by March 3.

Thank you for any assistance you could provide.