Education in Syria, a Current Analysis

Join us for an ECCN sponsored webcast, March 29 at 10am EST, on the situation of education in Syria, especially in Dara’a, Idlib and Aleppo. This webcast features a review of the literature carried out by RTI for USAID in late 2016. Learn more and join the discussion on a number of important issues, including; the status of key inputs that make an education system function, education delivery systems inside Syria and how they differ in Syrian government controlled areas, Syrian Interim Government (SIG) controlled areas and other areas under the control of ISIS or unknown actors, and the international community’s response to the crisis.

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Nina Etyemezian is the Director of Program Development and Strategy for RTI’s International Education Division where she has been since 2014. She is native to the Levant, has worked on education, gender and youth throughout the Middle East & North Africa region including as the Education and Gender Advisor for USAID/Morocco. Nina has an Ed.M. in International Education from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.
Bader Araj is an Assistant Professor, at Birzeit University in Ramallah/West Bank. He obtained PhD and MA degrees from the University of Toronto/Canada in 2011. His first MA was in Education. He published ten research articles in scientific journals in the U.S, Canada, and UK about terrorism and suicide bombing during 2006-2014. He also has worked on several applied research subjects such as youth, social cohesion, gender, local governments, education in Palestine and Syria for the World Bank, UNICEF, JBS International Inc, International Youth Foundation (IYF), and Research Triangle Institute (RTI).


Chris Capacci Carneal is an Education Development Officer in USAID’s Middle East Bureau. She has been with USAID since 2004. Prior to USAID, Chris worked with Catholic Relief Services and Save the Children in their Sahel Field Office. Chris has a Ph.D. in International Development Education from Florida State University.


Jim Rogan is Senior Advisor to USAID’s Education in Conflict and Crisis Network (ECCN), and is Principal and Owner of Exterion LLC, an international development consulting firm. His previous roles have included serving as Chief of Peacebuilding and Recovery for UNICEF (NY), General Manager of SIPU International’s interim executive management of a best-practice youth education and peacebuilding NGO in the Balkans, UN mayor of a multiethnic municipality in post-war Kosovo, and US State Department secondee to the OSCE in Bosnia and Herzegovina, directing its Governance Programme and co-ordinating the development of the country’s first post-war election law. He holds a BSFS from Georgetown University and an MA in International Political Economy from the University of Chicago.

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