*Sign up today* Essentials for EiCC Course

Sign up today for the next session of USAID’s Office of Education course Essentials for Education in Crisis and Conflict Course from May 1-3 , 2017 in Washington, DC! (the dates shifted slightly from the previously announced dates May 3 & 4).

Register on USAID UNIVERSITY​ ​by searching for course​ #​40092​ Essentials in Education in Crisis and Conflict. 

Course description:

This 3-day course offers USAID education staff the opportunity to gain and apply knowledge and skills to better design, procure, manage and evaluate education programs for the unique challenges of conflict- and crisis-affected contexts — including situations of high levels of violence, lawlessness and high disaster risk. The course’s case studies will place priority on on Latin America, but will also address key issues from other conflict and crisis contexts. This highly participatory course will foster ample opportunities for participants to offer and exchange their expertise, experience and particular challenges from their own contexts.

Course objectives – at the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the unique characteristics and challenges of ​education programs in ​conflict and crisis contexts, particularly in Latin America​.​
  • Procure​,​ oversee ​and​ manage a Rapid Education and Risk Analysis​.​
  • Adapt principles of conflict sensitivity to education program design and management to the Latin ​​America​ and Caribbean​ ​context ​(e.g. gang activity, risk of violence)​ and other contexts​.
  • Assess education program design using evidence-based theories of change for key challenges of education in Latin America​ and the Caribbean​, including equity, safety, social-emotional learning and local institutional capacity building​.​
  • ​Develop indicators, feedback loops​,​ and ​monitoring and evaluation plans ​to projects​ and activities​ ​using a Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation framework (CLA)​.​
  • Identify appropriate grant or contract mechanisms that provide flexibility and adaptation.

In addition to expert ECCN facilitation, this course will showcase guest speakers from within various parts of USAID, including:

  • Monica Matts from PPL
  • Stephanie Fugate from A&A
  • Shannon Griswold from US Global Development Lab
  • Tony Bloome (ICT)

Note: No registration fee. However, ​travel and per diem expenses must be approved and covered by your Mission.

Any questions concerning this course should be directed to: Nina Weisenhorn, nweisenhorn@usaid.gov, ​Senior Technical Advisor, Education in Crisis and Conflict