What Is ECCN?

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The USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (ECCN) is a global community of practice comprised of USAID staff and implementing partners all working together to increase equitable access to education for children and youth in crisis and conflict-affected environments.

To meet this goal the network gathers, develops and disseminates knowledge, information, tools and resources on education in crisis and conflict at global, regional and country levels.

Who Can Join ECCN?

Any policy maker, practitioner or researcher currently working on, or interested in, education in crisis or conflict-affected contexts may join ECCN.

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How Is ECCN Structured and Supported?

ECCN is managed by the ECCN Support Team and is governed by an inter-organizational Steering Group and expert Advisory Board. The following people make up the current  Steering Group and Advisory Board:

Name Affiliation
Mark Lynd School to School International
Susan Hirsch-Ayari Creative Associates
Karen Scriven Mercy Corps
Shezleen Vellani Concern Worldwide
Andrew Epstein Social Impact
Frank Manfredi Plan International
Julia Finder Johna Save the Children
Brenda Bell Education Development Center
Paul Frisoli FHI 360
Jennifer Sklar International Rescue Committee
Giulia McPherson Jesuit Refugee Service
Shahriar Kabriya Texas A&M University
Nina Papadopoulos USAID EiCC Team Lead
Nina Weisenhorn USAID EiCC Senior Advisor
Koli Banik USAID Africa Bureau, Senior Education Advisor
Chris Carpacci-Carneal USAID Middle East Bureau
Croshelle Harris Hussein USAID South Sudan, Director, Education Office

ECCN is governed by a Terms of Reference and executes annual work plans that reflect the broad goal of increasing equitable access to education and more specific strategies to accomplish this goal. In addition, ECCN establishes a range of working groups and tasks teams that are composed of, open to and led by ECCN members.

Year 4&5 Work Plan
Active Working Groups

ECCN is supported by a 9-person Support Team, comprised of:

This team is managed by Education Development Center, Inc. through a contract with USAID’s E3/ED office.

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