Author: Brian Blackburn, Aprajit Mahajan, Alessandro Tarozzi and Joanne Yoong
Year: 2011
Full Citation: Blackburn, B., Mahajan, A., Tarozzi A., and Yoong,J. (2011). Adoption of Insecticide Treated Bednets among Poor Households in Orissa, India. Retrieved from:
Resource Type:
Numerous randomized evaluations have shown that with high coverage and/or high usage rates, insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) are efficacious at reducing malaria-related morbidity and mortality. Although distributing ITNs for free can substantially increase take-up, public health agencies frequently have insufficient resources to provide free bednets for all individuals at risk. One potential solution could be to provide households with small loans to purchase ITNs, which could be paid back in installments without large one-time costs. Researchers found that providing microloans to purchase ITNs increased ownership and use. However the impact of these microloans on health was mixed, likely due to insufficient coverage and low usage rates of bednets.

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