Author: Arjun Upadhyay and David de Ferranti
Year: 2018
Agency: USAID
Full Citation: Upadhyay, A., and de Ferranti, D. (2018). AffordableNon-State Schools in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Washington DC: USAID
Overview: It is estimated that 42 percent of all primary-age children in Nigeria, around 10.5 million, are out of school (UNICEF, 2017). Of these children, the majority live in the north of the country and more than four in five receive some kind of Islamic religious education (Antoninis, 2014). These religious institutions are often informal in nature, organized by the community, and operate independently from the state education system. To increase access to basic education and to lower the number children considered out of school, the Government of Nigeria has sought to integrate these religious institutions into the state system. Yet, despite gains in access, challenges in providing quality education remain. This study, performed by Results for Development (R4D), with support from USAID Education in Conflict and Crisis Network (ECCN), examines the role of affordable non-state schools (ANSS) in providing access to a quality education in Kaduna State, Nigeria, with a focus on basic education. Kaduna State was selected as the second case study by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for several reasons, including the application of lessons from Kaduna with the experiences of other conflict-affected countries that have a rich history of Islamic education, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Like Kaduna State, these countries have large Islamic ANSS systems that have considerable influence on the access and quality of basic education. While there have been studies that investigated Islamic non-state schools as they related to equity, quality, and access, little is known specifically about how these schools are affected by and respond to conflict.

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