Author: Silje Sjoevaag Skeie
Year: 2005
Agency: INEE
Full Citation: Skeie, S. S. (2005). Case Study on the Implementation of INEE Minimum Standards in Somaliland / North West Somalia. New York: INEE.
Target Population(s):
Overview: In the fall of 2005, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s (NRC) initiated an education programme targeting both educators and students. In this programme, NRC’s main support to the education sector in Somaliland was provided through an integrated approach targeting learners and teachers while building the capacity of education authorities to ensure sustainability. This case study outlines how the INEE minimum standards were used in the program to develop and implement of a code of conduct for teachers as a step towards providing a child-friendly learning environment and enhancing protection, in particular Standard 2 on Conditions of work , which includes two indicators, two guidance notes and an appendix on what a Code of Conduct should comprise of and how it should be developed.

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