Author: UNICEF, Save the Children, Education Cluster
Year: 2019
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Overview: Summary: In light of the Grand Bargain cash commitment to develop an evidence base for assessing costs, benefits, impacts and risks of CVA, the Global Education Cluster (GEC), with a financial contribution from DG-ECHO and technical support from NORCAP has set out to build evidence around CVA for EiE. The research project endeavoured to answer three main questions: 1 When is CVA the best modality to deliver EiE projects, and when is a combination of modalities preferable? 2 How are education-related costs calculated to be included in the Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB), depending on the context? 3 What elements need to be taken into account when calculating the education-related component of Multipurpose Cash Transfers (MPC) intended to meet basic needs?

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