Author: Valerie Haugen
Year: 2013
Agency: USAID
Full Citation: Haugen, V. (2013). Checklist for conflict sensitivity in education programs. Washington, DC: USAID  
Resource Type:
  • Guidance Documents and Tools
  • USAID Resources
    • Guidance Documents and Tools
  • Enhanced Equity
    • Conflict Sensitivity in Programming
Overview: The Checklist for Conflict Sensitivity in Education Programs will assist USAID education programs in effectively and efficiently meeting Goal 3 of the USAID Education Strategy: Increase equitable access to education in conflict and crisis environments. Applying conflict sensitivity to program design, implementation, and monitoring will improve education programs by making them more equitable, effective, efficient, and sustainable. The Checklist offers a practical framework for analyzing the operational and technical aspects of education programs. This ensures the reduction of conflict and tensions, which promotes equity and social cohesion and builds peace. With this Checklist, USAID expects Missions to develop and maintain a deeper, context- specific understanding of the underlying sources of conflict and their interaction, influence on, and impact within the education domain. (pp. 1-2)

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