Year: 2018
Full Citation: USAID (2018). Checklist for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Interventions to Support Education in Crisis and Conflict Settings
A conflict-sensitive intervention avoids increasing the risk of (or aggravating the factors that drive) conflict and violence, and it maximizes its positive impact on the factors that reduce the risk of conflict or violence (IDRC, CIDA, Minbuza, GTZ, & SIDA 2004).This ICT in EiCC checklist focuses on the intersection of conflict sensitivity principles and ICT1 design approaches to help ensure that an ICT- supported intervention designed to support education activities in a country or community is conflict sensitive. This ICT in EiCC checklist guides users in making appropriate decisions about the use of technology to support educational interventions in a conflict-sensitive (CS) manner. It is intended to be user-friendly and guide reflection and action planning. Not all questions may be relevant to every project's particular design, but they all have value in highlighting critical CS principles.

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