Author: UNICEF
Year: 2014
Agency: UNICEF
Full Citation: UNICEF (2014). Child Labour and UNICEF in Action: Children at the Centre. New York: UNICEF.
Resource Type:
Target Population(s): ,
Overview: Child labour deprives children of their right to go to school, exposes them to violence, and reinforces intergenerational cycles of poverty. Understanding the underlying causes of child labour and addressing their interconnectedness is the key premise behind the UNICEF prevention and response approach. Effective action against child labour must address the full range of vulnerabilities that children face, and must recognize that these wider concerns are not always adequately dealt with in existing response strategies. UNICEF and other child protection actors are increasingly moving away from small-scale, issue-specific projects in favour of a systems approach, with a strong focus on prevention. The systems approach facilitates more systematic policy development and programming that considers the child, family and community as a whole. This report offers evidence and research on global child labor with particular emphasis on legal reform, education, social protection, and the collection of data and information

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