Author: Zehavit Gross and Lynn Davies (Eds.)
Year: 2015
Full Citation: Gross, Z., & Davies, L. (Eds.) (2015). The contested role of education in conflict and fragility. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
Resource Type:
Overview: The intention of this book is to bring together new thinking and research on education’s complex and evolving role in conflict and fragility. The particular distinctiveness of our volume is the emphasis on ‘contested’ – that it includes the debates and disagreements on the role of education in conflict, as well as material on teaching controversial issues in fragile contexts. Such concerns are not just about contexts labelled fragile states, but recognition that social cohesion can be fragile even in countries seen as stable. Includes:
  • Debates on Theory and Methodology
  • Debates on Policy and Politicisation
  • Debates on People as Agents of Change
  • Debates on Pedagogy

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