Author: Michael Quinn Patton
Year: 2011
Full Citation: Patton, M. Q. (2011). Developmental evaluation: Applying complexity concepts to enhance innovation and use. New York: Guilford Press.
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Overview: This book from a leading expert of development evaluation provides the monitoring and evaluation foundation for an Emergent Theory of Change. Developmental evaluation (DE) offers a comprehensive approach to providing feedback loops in supporting social innovations, working in partnership with program decision makers. In this book, Patton shows how to conduct evaluations within a DE framework. He draws on theory and research on complex dynamic systems, uncertainty, nonlinearity, and emergence. He illustrates how DE can be used for a range of purposes: assessment of the complexity of social context and goals; program design and initiation; ongoing program development; adapting effective principles of practice to local contexts; generating innovations and taking them to scale; and facilitating rapid response in crisis situations. The book presents extensive case examples, research, stories, cartoons, in a clear writing style, "closer look" sidebars, and summary tables. Essential guidance is provided for making evaluations useful, practical, and credible in support of emergent social change.
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