Author: Marla Petal and Rebekah Green
Year: 2010
Full Citation: Petal, M., & Green, R. (2010). Disaster and emergency preparedness: Guidance for schools. Washington D.C: International Finance Corporation.
Target Population(s):
Intervention(s): Children's Well-being
Overview: This Handbook is written for administrators, teachers, support staff, and other individuals involved in emergency and disaster preparedness at school. Its purposes are: • To guide administrators and staff in assessing risks and planning and carrying out physical protection measures; 2 Disaster and Emergency Preparedness: Guidance for Schools • To develop skills and provisions for disaster and emergency preparedness, response, and rapid recovery; • To support schools in developing disaster and emergency plans specific to their local needs and reflecting good practices internationally and nationally. This handbook has been prepared with a primary focus on ‘school safety’ and thus the language used throughout refers to ‘schools’ versus ‘universities’. However, the underlying tenets in terms of the development of policy, planning and implementation is equally relevant regardless of the type of institution in question. (Introduction)

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