Author: Benjamin Piper, Stephanie Simmons Zuilkowski, Dunston Kwayumba and Carmen Strigel
Year: 2016
Full Citation: Piper, B., Zuilkowski, S. S., Kwayumba, D., & Strigel, C. (2016). Does technology improve reading outcomes? Comparing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ICT interventions for early grade reading in Kenya. International Journal of Educational Development, 49, 204-214. doi:10.1016/j.ijedudev.2016.03.006
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Overview: Education policymakers are investing in information and communications technology (ICT) without a research base on how ICT improves outcomes. There is limited research on the effects of different types of ICT investments on outcomes. The Kenya Primary Math and Reading (PRIMR) study implemented a randomized controlled trial comparing the effects and cost of three interventions – e-readers for  students, tablets for teachers, and the base PRIMR program with tablets for instructional supervisors.
Findings: The results show that the ICT investments do not improve literacy outcomes significantly more than the base non-ICT instructional program. Our findings show that cost considerations should be paramount in selecting ICT investments in the education sector.

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