Author: Sinclair, Margaret
Year: 2012
Full Citation: Sinclair, M. (Ed.) (2012). Education for Global Citizenship. Doha, Qatar: Education Above All.
Overview: This book shows that transformative education for local, national and global citizenship and peace CAN be implemented even under difficult conditions if there is a policy commitment to do so. Authors have provided examples and lessons learned from their own experiences as eminent practitioners in the field. The book is divided into three parts:
  • Part One provides a brief overview of education for global citizenship, including in chapter 1 the subject matter and sub-themes,in chapter 2 the challenges of teaching for personal values and behaviour development, and in chapter 3 the importance of having a clearly defined and holistic policy accepted by key stakeholders, and effective implementation.
  • Part Two comprises chapters contributed by practitioners and specialists. Section A of Part Two presents some reflections on the challenges of teaching for values development and behaviour change, and on the use of textbooks in this regard. Section B comprises four case studies that focus on or include education for citizenship and civics. Section C presents three cases focused on education for peace, together with a review of peace education in Muslim societies. Section D introduces human rights education and education designed to explore humanitarian law. Section E reviews problems of and possibilities for teaching about a conflictual past. Section F focuses on the development of national and international policy and planning for education to be supportive of peacebuilding and of respect for human rights.
  • Finally, Part Three offers some recommendations for future action.

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