Author: Brendan O’Malley
Year: 2014
Full Citation: O'Malley, B. (2014). Education under attack 2014. New York, NY: Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA).
Overview: A global study of threats or deliberate use of force against students, teachers, academics, education trade union members and government officials, aid workers and other education staff, and against schools, universities and other education institutions, carried out for political, military, ideological, sectarian, ethnic or religious reasons in 2009-2013. The main parts of Education under Attack 2014 are:
  • a summary providing an overview of the main points and key recommendations;
  • a methodology section outlining the methods used in the research and the principal challenges faced;
  • a global overview providing a more detailed picture of the scale, nature, motives and impact of attacks on education and the variety of responses that are being, or could be, made;
  • three thematic essays offering more depth about how schools and universities can best be protected;
  • profiles of the 30 most seriously affected countries, providing an insight into the context in which attacks take place, a detailed record of reported attacks on education during 2009-2012 and an outline of attacks during the first nine months of 2013; and
  • endnotes providing citations for every piece of information used in the study.

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