Author: Meagan Cahill, Jesse Jannetta, Emily Tiry, Samantha Lowry, Miriam Becker-Cohen, Ellen Paddock and Maria Serakos
Year: 2015
Full Citation: Cahill, M., Jannetta, J., Tiry, E., Lowry, S., Becker-Cohen, M., Paddock E., & Serakos M. (2015). Evaluation of the Los Angeles Gang Reduction and Youth Development Program. Washington, D.C.: Urban Institute.
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Overview: Gangs present a vexing challenge for communities throughout the United States, and Los Angeles has a long history of high levels of gang involvement. The Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) was established in 2007 to reduce gang involvement and violence by providing extensive prevention and intervention services in the areas of the city that need it most. This is the fourth report presenting findings from the multi-year evaluation of the GRYD program. The report begins by examining GRYD’s individual level work with youth who were clients of Prevention and Intervention Family Case Management (FCM) services. It then draws upon interviews with Prevention clients and their parents, as well as FCM clients, to better understand the impact of GRYD services at the family level. Finally, it focuses on community-level activities, discussing GRYD’s Incident Response work and assessing trends in gang violence, gang crime and violent crime in the GRYD Zones relative to comparison areas.

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