Author: INEE Gender Task Team
Year: 2018
Agency: INEE
Full Citation: INEE Gender Task Team. (n.d). Gender Strategies in Emergencies, Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction Context: Gender Responsive School Sanitation, Health and Hygiene. New York: INEE
Target Population(s): , , ,
Overview: In many emergency, chronic crisis and early reconstruction contexts, where school buildings exist they are likely to have been either fully or partly destroyed, fallen into disrepair because of lack of attention and maintenance funds. This situation has particular impacts for girls’ education. Adolescence and puberty can be difficult times for all young people, but for girls in emergencies, chronic crisis and early reconstruction contexts, puberty, and especially the onset of menstruation, pose particular challenges. There is increasing recognition of the potential impact of providing separate, private and safe latrines for girls to improve school access, attendance and retention, especially for adolescent girls. Adequate facilities however are only part of the solution. We must also ensure that girls and boys are engaged in planning and implementing new sanitation projects, that they have information to understand and cope with puberty, and that linkages are made between the infrastructure improvements in the school and the nature and quality of teaching and learning. This guidance note outlines the practical considerations for gender responsive school sanitation, health and hygiene.

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