Author: McPherson, Giulia
Year: 2019
Full Citation:
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Overview: For millions of refugee girls, education is out of reach. Despite substantial increases in access to girls’ education around the world over the last two decades, refugee girls remain left behind. Her Future: Challenges & Recommendations to Increase Education for Refugee Girls calls for policymakers, donors, and other decision makers to prioritize education for refugee and displaced girls and provides recommendations to improve access. Recommendations include:
  • Incorporate gender into national, regional, and global education plans.
  • Address social and cultural norms that prevent girls from attending school.
  • Provide appropriate structures and materials to ensure girls are successful in school.
As the world witnesses the highest levels of forced displacement since World War II, the challenges may seem insurmountable. Yet, harnessing the potential of refugee children and youth by ensuring that they have access to a quality education will change lives and create hope for the future.

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