Author: UNICEF
Year: 2011
Agency: UNICEF
Full Citation: UNICEF (2011). Humanitarian Action for Children: building resilience. New York: UNICEF.
Target Population(s):
Overview: Extensive humanitarian need requires far-reaching humanitarian action, carried out with utmost speed and often simultaneously in different parts of the world. While responding to immediate needs, humanitarian action also necessitates a sharpened focus on the larger duty to address underlying vulnerabilities should disaster strike, or strike again, especially at a time when threats are intensifying, multiplying and interacting in complex and sometimes little-understood ways. Resilience generally describes the ability to anticipate, withstand and bounce back from external pressures and shocks in ways that avoid a fundamental loss of identity and maintain core functions. In an overall context of growing complexity and need, this report outlines UNICEF's humanitarian action in supporting governments and helping people build their own resilience.

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