Author: Cynthia Koons
Year: 2013
Agency: USAID
Full Citation: Koons, C. (2013). Integrating conflict and fragility analysis into the education system analysis guidelines: A proposed companion guide. Washington, DC: USAID
Overview: Research has shown that education can contribute to conflict and fragility. How can we ensure education is delivered in a way that does no harm? What do we need to know about the context, the drivers of conflict, the actors and the dynamics before designing education programs and policies? How can we integrate these factors into the existing processes of education analysis? These are a few of the questions explored by this paper commissioned by USAID and the Global Partnership for Education. We will learn from several experiences of education-specific conflict and fragility analyses by development partners such as INEE, UNICEF, and UNESCO-IIEP, and we will make an original attempt to map these lessons onto a newly revised guidance document on education system analysis. The final product will offer guidance to governments who develop education sector plans to ensure that national education planning and development are conflict sensitive. (Abstract)

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