Author: Andrea Bosch, Rebecca Rhodes, Sera Kariuki
Year: 2002
Agency: UNESCO
Full Citation: Bosch, A., Rhodes, R., & Kariuki, S. (2012). Interactive Radio Instruction: An update from the field. In Haddad, W.D., & Draxler, A. (Eds.), Technologies for education: Potential, parameters, and prospects, (pp. 134-143). Paris, France: UNESCO.
Resource Type:
Overview: Includes:
  • What Is IRI?
  • What Is Known about IRI’s Effectiveness?
  • What about Hard-to-Reach or Out-of-School Populations?
    • The Case of the Dominican Republic
    • The Case of Zambia
  • Can IRI Help Close Equity Gaps?
  • Can IRI Programs Move from Pilot to National Program?
    • The Case of Guinea
  • What about the Economics of IRI Projects?
    • What Do Cost Data Show?
    • Is IRI Cost-Effective Compared to Other Interventions?
  • Annex: IRI projects and their current status

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