Author: Birte Snilstveit, Jennifer Stevenson, Daniel Phillips, Martina Vojtkova, Emma Gallagher, Tanja Schmidt, Hannah Jobse, Maisie Geelen, Maria Grazia Pastorello, John Eyers
Year: 2015
Full Citation:
Overview: The objective of the systematic review is to "identify, assess and synthesize evidence on the effects of education interventions on children's access to education and learning in L&MICs. The authors also aimed to assess how education interventions affect different sub-groups of participants and address questions related to context, process and implementation". The main finding is that "Programmes typically improve either school participation or learning outcomes, but not both. Cash transfer programmes have the largest and most consistent positive effects on school participation outcomes, but they do not typically improve learning outcomes. Structured pedagogy on the other hand have the largest and most consistent positive effects on learning outcomes, but the (few) studies that measure participation outcomes do not suggest a positive effect".

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