Author: Jeff Crisp, Christopher Talbot and Daiana B. Cipollone (eds.)
Year: 2001
Full Citation: Crisp, J., Talbot, C., & Cipollone, D. (Eds.). (2001). Learning for a future: Refugee education in developing countries. Geneva, Switzerland: UNHCR. Retrieved from
Overview: The papers presented in the volume were commissioned by UNHCR and presented at a March 2001 workshop on ‘Refugee Education in Developing Countries: Policy and Practice’, hosted by the George Washington University in Washington, DC. UNHCR decided to review the state of the art, identifying key issues and best practices, to assist in updating its guidelines for assistance to refugee education in developing countries. Margaret Sinclair prepared an overview of education response in the early stages of emergency situations in developing countries. Jim Williams reviewed research findings on factors promoting educational quality in Third World schools, to identify principles that might raise the effectiveness of refugee schools. Tim Brown visited refugee schools in Nepal, to examine issues of quality. Marc Sommers assessed the impact of UNHCR’s innovative peace education programmes for refugee schools and communities in Kenya and Uganda. Erik Lyby evaluated skills training programmes for refugees in Tanzania.

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