Author: USAID - Equip 3
Year: 2012
Agency: USAID
Full Citation: USAID - Equip 3 (2012). Lessons learned: experiences in livelihoods, literacy, and leadership in youth programs in 26 countries 2003-2012. Washington DC: USAID
Target Population(s): ,
Overview: The USAID-funded Educational Quality Improvement Program 3 (EQUIP3) was designed to improve earning, learning, and skill development opportunities for out-of-school youth in developing countries. To support the healthy and positive development of young people, EQUIP3 helped to equip them with a common set of skills and attributes:
  • Practical, marketable skills, ranging from literacy and numeracy (the ability to process and use information) to hands-on vocational skills suited to local circumstances and labor demand
  • Actionable information about training and education, work opportunities, better health, full participation in citizenship, and how to feel busy and productive
  • Affiliation as well as useful connections that enable them to belong and have access to all of the above
Two broad categories of interventions help youth acquire these skills and assets:
  • Supply-side interventions, which are direct interventions, particularly training programs
  • Demand-side interventions, which target the socioeconomic environment in which youth are earning a livelihood
This report seeks to draw out the rich experiences and lessons learned from EQUIP3 youth programs with the goal of informing future program directions. The report is organized around the major areas in which the program worked:
  • EQUIP3’s three primary technical areas: livelihoods and workforce development, literacy, and youth leadership
  • Lessons learned in the cross-cutting areas of program design and management, evaluation, and program sustainability
  • Youth programming in fragile states
Each section discusses the results, challenges, and tools or products that have been developed.

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