Author: Cai Cai
Year: 2002
Agency: UNICEF
Full Citation: Cai Cai. (n.d.) Life skills: A facilitator’s guide for teenagers. Kathmandu, Nepal: UNICEF Nepal.
Target Population(s):
Overview: This guide aims to help facilitators, NGO trainers, government officials, social workers, teachers, parents and young people themselves, gain a holistic understanding of the 10 generic life skills that foster positive self-development. Every skill is independently illustrated, yet its effective application is usually linked to other skills. The chapters in this Guide are arranged in the following sequence: managing oneself, relationships with others, making responsible decisions and taking actions.
Methodology: The Guide was formulated in the 5-month period of training that UNICEF conducted for 10 young Nepalese radio producers. The coaching was used as a designing phase for the year-long radio series on life skills: “Chatting with My Best Friend” (“Sathi Sanga Manka Kura”) It has proven effective in helping the young producers understand the concept and apply it in their weekly scriptwriting session. The Guide focuses on cultivating young people’s positive attitude towards life, and towards problems they face while growing up. Assessing and analysing problems in addition to problem solving will be emphasised throughout. Sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and drug abuse are woven subtly into the lessons, told through drama and chat.

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