Author: Jackie Kirk and Rebecca Winthrop
Year: 2006
Agency: USAID
Full Citation: Kirk, J. & Winthrop, R. (2006) Meeting EFA: Afghanistan Home-Based Schools. Case Study. Washington, DC: USAID.
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Overview: Years of conflict and instability have taken a heavy toll on education in Afghanistan. While the government rebuilds its public education system, formal schools fail to reach many of the country's children. Girls remain particularly underserved as a result of the looming effects of the Taliban's sanctions against educating women. Among the reasons why girls' access to education remains limited are: the significant distance from home to school, government schools tend to be dominated by male teachers, and cultural beliefs which undervalue girls' education. Nongovernmental organizations in Afghanistan are promoting community-based or home-based schooling as one approach to increasing education access, especially for girls. This case study examines the model and outcomes of the home-based schooling program developed and implemented by the International Rescue Committee in Afghanistan.

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