Author: Global Education Monitoring Report Team
Year: 2019
Agency: UNESCO
Full Citation: Global Education Monitoring Report Team. (2019). Migration, displacement and education: building bridges, not walls. Paris: UNESCO.
Resource Type:
Overview: Migration is ‘an expression of the human aspiration for safety, dignity and a better future’ but also ‘a source of divisions within and between States and societies’. Migration and displacement can affect education, requiring systems to accommodate those who move and those left behind – but also those with migrant backgrounds who do not speak the language of instruction at home. Education can also affect migration and displacement. It is a major driver in the decision to migrate. It is also key to providing citizens with critical understanding, promoting cohesive societies and fighting prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination. To address the challenges of migration and displacement, all 193 UN member states signed the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants in September 2016 to strengthen and refine responsibility-sharing mechanisms. This 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report reviews global evidence on migration, displacement and looks at migration and displacement through the eyes of teachers and education administrators faced with the reality of diverse classrooms, schoolyards, communities, labour markets and societies. It aims to answer two questions:
  • How do population movements affect education access and quality? What are the implications for individual migrants and refugees?
  • How can education make a difference in the lives of people who move and in the communities receiving them?

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