Author: Sonke Gender Justice
Year: 2017
Full Citation: Sonke. (n.d.). One Youth Can: Changing gender norms and promoting gender equality (Facilitator's handbook). Johannesburg, South Africa: Sonke Gender Justice. Retrieved from
Target Population(s): , , ,
Overview: This Manual is intended to be a resource for those working with youth on issues of citizenship, human rights, gender, health, sexuality and violence. The content is informed by a commitment to social justice, gender equality and engaged citizen activism. The activities encourage all youth to reflect on their own experiences, attitudes and values regarding sexuality; gender; what it means to be a boy/man or girl/woman; domestic and sexual violence; HIV/AIDS, democracy and human rights. They encourage all youth to take action to help prevent domestic and sexual violence, reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS, and promote gender equality.

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