Author: Donald A. P. Bundy, Nilanthi de Silva, Susan Horton, Dean T. Jamison & George C. Patton
Year: 2018
Agency: World Bank
Full Citation: Bundy, D. A. P., de Silva, N., Horton, S., Jamison, D.T., and Patton, G.C. (2018). Optimizing Education Outcomes: High-Return Investments in School Health for Increased Participation and Learning. Washington, DC: World Bank. License: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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Overview: Schools can be effective places to support children’s health, and some countries are implementing school health programs. This report draws on the latest evidence and analysis available in volume 8, Child and Adolescent Health and Development of Disease Control Priorities, third edition (DCP3). DCP3 makes clear the synergies between education and health investments and outcomes and proposes a package of school health investments that can effectively address the most pressing health problems and health knowledge needs of school-age children in low- and lower-middle-income countries. Optimizing Learning Outcomes sets out the latest evidence to support ministries of education, health, and finance to review existing programs for children’s health in school and invest in what works, in order to increase student health, well-being, participation, and learning.

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