Author: Cooney et al.
Year: 2012
Full Citation: Cooney, J.B., DuBois, R., Gasparetti, A., Gathinji, I., Oppenheim, S. Reeves, M., ... Yakimakho, O. (2012). Pact Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) handbook: A practical guide to the OCA tool for practitioners and development professionals. Pact.
Overview: This handbook is intended to help development practitioners familiar with organizational assessments to understand the potential and use of Pact’s Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) tool. The Pact OCA approach acknowledges that organizations are the owners of their development process. The OCA tool is participatory by nature and joins members from all levels of an organization, whenever possible, creating a space for sharing, analyzing, and making judgments about organizational performance. The Pact OCA helps organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses on their own and identify unique organizational capacity areas, clarify their vision, plan for success, and ultimately take greater ownership over their future.

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