Author: ECCN
Year: 2017
Agency: USAID
Full Citation: Education in Crisis and Conflict Network. (2017). Rapid education and risk analysis toolkit. Washington D.C: USAID.
Overview: The RERA Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance for users to carry out a “good enough” situation analysis of the education sector, learners, and their communities as a dynamic system of relationships involving assets and multiple contextual risks.  The RERA Toolkit also provides a range of new tools and resources, which can be downloaded individually.
  • A RERA is unique in that it integrates key methodological elements of a rapid education needs assessment and contextual risk analyses, such as conflict analysis, disaster risk assessment, and resilience analysis. A RERA emphasizes investigating how risks impact the school community, how education influences risks, and how contextual risks influence each other.
  • A RERA supports all stages of the USAID program cycle and can be implemented within or outside of an existing USAID project activity. A RERA ultimately informs USAID strategy and programming.

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