Author: James H. Williams and Wendy D. Bokhorst-Heng (Eds.)
Year: 2016
Full Citation: Williams, J. H., & Bokhorst-Heng, W.D. (Eds.). (2016). (Re)Constructing memory: Textbooks, identity, nation, and state. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
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Overview: (Re)Constructing Memory: Textbooks, Identity, Nation, and State, the second volume in the series, looks more deeply at textbooks’ role in portraying the composition and identity of nation and state. In contrast to many founding myths, most states are multiethnic, comprising multiple groups identified ethnically, in religious terms, as immigrants, indigenous, and the like. Volume II considers the changing portrayal of diversity and membership in multiethnic societies where previously invisible or marginalized minority groups have sought a greater national role. It considers the changing portrayals of past injustices by some groups in multiethnic states and the shifting boundaries of insider and outsider. The book looks at “who we are” not only demographically, but also in terms of the past, especially how we teach the discredited past. Finally, the book looks at changes in who we are—ways the state seeks to incorporate, or ignore, emergent groups in the national portraiture and in the stories it tells its children about themselves

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