Author: UNCRD
Year: 2009
Full Citation: UNCRD. (2009). Reducing vulnerability of school children to earthquakes: A project of School Earthquake Safety Initiative (SESI). Hyogo, Japan: United Nations Centre for Regional Development.
Resource Type:
Overview: The current project on "Reducing Vulnerability of School Children to Earthquakes" was in four countries – Uzbekistan, Fiji, India and Indonesia. The project aims to ensure that school children living in seismic regions have earthquake resilient schools and that local communities build capacities to cope with earthquake disasters. The project has the following key components: School retrofitting; Disaster education, Capacity building and Raising awareness. This publication not only summarizes the good practices and lessons learned from the project countries and but also highlights the task ahead to up-scale from model projects to countrywide activities on school safety. This publication compiles experience of implementation of the project in the four project countries along with experience of Japan in successfully implementing school retrofitting at country level. It is hoped that the publication will be instrumental in developing strategies for future school safety initiatives and up-scaling model from model projects to country-wide interventions.

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