Author: Integrity
Year: 2019
Full Citation: Integrity. (2019). Research to improve the quality of teaching and learning inside Syria. Compendium to the Final Report. London: Integrity.
Overview: This is the full compendium to the Final Report available here. "This compendium supports the final report. It provides the rich detail that the study captured, enabling the study team to identify nuances when analysing challenges, successes, and appropriate investments within the sector, such as by activity type, geographic area, or the gender of potential beneficiaries. Whilst averages are provided across key areas of inquiry and stakeholder profiles, where the profile of the informant, geolocation of the data collected, or other more granular information provides helpful nuance, this information is presented in detail. The compendium is not designed to be read in one sitting. Rather, it serves as a reference for readers looking to find more information on a specific aspect of the study after reading the final report. The compendium enables readers interested in reviewing analysis of the data at a more granular level to find stratified analysis based on their specific interest areas."

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