Year: 2015
Agency: UNESCO
Full Citation: IIEP-UNESCO, IBE, & PEIC. (2015) Safety, resilience, and social cohesion: a guide for education sector planners. Paris, France: International Institute for Educational Planning.
Overview: This publication is one of a series of six educational planning booklets on promoting safety, resilience, and social cohesion in and through education. The booklets should be read alongside more traditional planning materials for the education sector. The series includes:
  • Booklet 1 – Overview: Incorporating safety, resilience, and social cohesion in education sector planning
  • Booklet 2 – Analysis: Where are we now?
  • Booklet 3 – Policy: Where do we want to go?
  • Booklet 4 – Programming: How do we get there?
  • Booklet 5 – Cost and financing: How much will it cost and who will pay?
  • Booklet 6 – Monitoring and evaluation: How will we know what we have done?
This introductory booklet is the first in a series of six which show planners how to address safety, resilience, and social cohesion at every stage of the education sector planning process. It explains why education ministries should include safety, resilience, and social cohesion in education sector policies and plans, and provides an overview of how this can be accomplished.

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