Author: UNESCO
Year: 2017
Agency: UNESCO
Full Citation: UNESCO. (2017). School Violence and Bullying: Global Status Report. Paris: UNESCO.
Overview: This report was prepared to inform the International Symposium on School Violence and Bullying in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in January 2017. The aim of the symposium was to promote evidence-based action by educators, education sector policy makers, professionals and practitioners and by other sectors to deliver safe, non-violent learning environments and, in addition, to inform the development of global indicators to enable better measurement and monitoring of school violence and bullying. The report focuses on violence and bullying in formal educational settings, in particular violence and bullying between students, and on actions that can be taken by the education sector and schools to prevent and respond to the problem. It aims to:
  • Present an overview of the nature, extent and impact of school violence and bullying, consolidating existing data from key reports and the literature.
  • Synthesise available evidence about effective responses, highlighting existing initiatives and actions and examples of good policy and practice.
  • Provide guidance on priority actions.
Although the report is mainly aimed at education ministries and other relevant sector ministries, including health, social welfare and justice, and education policy makers, planners and professionals, teachers’ unions and school management and staff, it may also be useful for others with an interest in preventing and addressing school violence and bullying such as civil society organisations, parents’ associations, organisations and networks of young people, and private sector organisations, in particular those operating in the information technology sector.

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