Author: Monisha Bajaj, Amy Argenal & Melissa Canlas
Year: 2017
Full Citation: Bajaj, M., Argenal, A., & Canlas, M. (2017). Socio-politically relevant pedagogy for immigrant and refugee youth. Equity & Excellence in Education, 50(3), 258-274.
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Overview: In this article, the authors discuss how one public high school became a site for socio-politically relevant pedagogy for immigrant and refugee youth, building on the concept of culturally relevant pedagogy that has been discussed in educational scholarship.
Methodology: By exploring newcomer youth's understandings of their experiences, self-conceptions, and positioning in the global economy, the authors draw on a three-year qualitative case study utilizing ethnographic methods to highlight the key tenets of a socio-politically relevant pedagogy for youth who lead transnational lives.
Findings: The key tenets proposed include:
  1. the cultivation of critical consciousness around global inequalities and transnational migration;
  2. the creation of formal and informal avenues for reciprocal learning between families/communities and schools; and
  3. support and care for the material conditions of students' and families' lives.

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