Author: Fletcher Tembo
Year: 2008
Full Citation: Tembo, F. (2008). Study on capacity development support initiatives & patterns: LCDF research and development phase. (Report for SNV Netherlands Development Organisation). London, UK: Overseas Development Institute.
Resource Type:
Overview: The Local Capacity Development Fund (LCDF) initiative is part of SNV’s 2007–2015 Strategy, constituting one of SNV’s four modalities of operation for the coming years. Through this channel, SNV aims to increase access to funds for LCD in a way that empowers local actors and allows them to acquire tailor-made services, geared towards their needs. This report is the synthesis of a five-stage research and development (R&D) process for the initiative.
Methodology: Methodologically, 35 case studies were explored systematically, and 10 case studies with a greater resonance for the LCDF ambition were studied in detail. It draws also on ongoing reflections and discussions between ODI and SNV leaders and staff; field visits to five countries (Cameroon, Tanzania, Vietnam, Peru and Montenegro).
Findings: One finding emerging from both the systematic desk study and the field visits is that in none of the contexts studied does an LCDF-type mechanism currently exist that could be replicated in accordance with the LCDF ambition. The case studies provided useful insights for the LCDF design in terms of systemic issues and interventions, from a basic typology of how CD is approached, managed and funded.
  • Three types of approaches have been identified, including: ‘CD as a component of an investment programme’, ‘CD as the programme’ and ‘CD as a product to be transacted in the marketplace’, with many areas of overlap among them.
  • It was evident that each one of these categories had different implications as to why and how CD is managed and funded in different CD environments, and ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’.
The study has led to the development of various tools and strategies for analysing different environments, such as the value chain logic and the analytical/diagnostic framework. (pp. viii-3)

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