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Accelerated Education Training, Uganda 2018

November 12, 2018 - November 15, 2018

studentsECCN members in Africa embarked on a four-day training on Accelerated Education, November 12–15, 2018, in Munyonyo, Uganda.

The purpose of this training was to build participants’ knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of Accelerated Education (AE) programming.

The training, hosted by ECCN, the Accelerated Education Working Group (AEWG), and USAID, was designed to improve Accelerated Education policies and programs with a harmonized approach that follows the AEWG’s 10 Principles of Effective Practice. Bringing together USAID and UN agencies, along with implementing partners and Ministry of Education staff, this event included hands-on activities as well as creative learning opportunities.

Course Description

During the training, participants reflected on AE in their country context, applied knowledge and skills to better design, implement, manage and evaluate AE programs and worked towards a harmonized approach to AE through alignment with the Accelerated Education Working Group (AEWG) 10 Principles for Effective Practice and additional tools and guidance.  The workshop utilized evidence on Accelerated Education from the AEWG Case Studies and the experience of Accelerated Education policy and implementation in Uganda. However the principles, best practices and skills are applicable to a variety of contexts.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify the unique characteristics of accelerated education, its intended targets and goals and its distinction from other forms of alternative/ non-formal education;
  2. Assess quality of accelerated education programs using the 10 Principles for Effective Practice;
  3. Adapt and contextualise the 10 Principles of Effective Practice to their specific context;
  4. Design accelerated education programs and policies that utilized a globally recognized harmonized approach.
  5. Support a harmonized approach to accelerated education policy and systems development or reforms at national level.

Day 1

Slide Deck English

Slide Deck Francais


Session Handouts or Additional Materials
1.1 What Are Accelerated Education Programs? Introductions – People Bingo – ENG

People Bingo – FR

AEWG Materials

10 Principles Poster – ENG

10 Principles Poster – FR

Who Goes Where? Scenarios – ENG

Scenarios – FR

1.2 Panel: Accelerated Education Models
1.3 Principle 1 – AEP is flexible for overage learners
1.4 Principle 2 (Pt 1) – Accelerated Learning Pedagogy

Day 2

Slide Deck English

Slide Deck Francais


Session Handouts or Additional Materials
2.1 Principle 2 (Pt 2) – AE Curriculum & Materials
2.2 Principle 3 – AE Learning Environment is Inclusive, Safe, and Learning-Ready
2.3 Principle 4 – Teachers are Recruited, Supervised and Remunerated
2.4 Principle 5 – Teachers Participate in Continuous Professional Development
2.5 Principle 6 – Goals, Monitoring and Funding Align Estimating AEP Targets – FR

Estimating AEP Targets – ENG

2.6 Panel: Organizing AE Centers


Day 3

Slide Deck English

Slide Deck Francais



Session Handouts or Additional Materials
3.1 Principle 7 – AE Center is Effectively Managed Handout- AE Center Management

Handout – AE Center Management – FR

3.2 Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning for AEPs Borno MEL Plan – ENG

Borno MEL Plan – FR

3.3 Community is Engaged and Accountable Community Role Play – ENG

Community Role Play – FR

3.4 Policy Principles 9 & 10

Day 4

Slide Deck English

Slide Deck Francais


Session Handouts or Additional Materials
4.1 AEP Learning Agenda Handout – USAID learning agenda
4.2 Field Voices – AEP Research
4.4 Country Team Presentations
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