When: November 6-7, 9am – 4 pm (both days)

Where: FHI 360’s Boardroom, 1875 Connecticut Ave., Washington, DC, 20009

Please join FHI 360 and Creative Associates International, with USAID and the USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (ECCN), for a two-day training using INEE’s Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) Pack to increase understanding and application of CSE practices and principles in crisis and conflict-affected environments for practitioners and policy makers. The training will address 1) steps for conducting a conflict analysis, 2) interaction between programs and conflict, 3) access to learning environments, 4) conflict sensitive strategies for teaching and learning and development of education policy, and 5) methods of monitoring and evaluation.

Please note, there is a limit of two attendees per organization.

RSVP: bit.ly/CSE4ECC


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