The Journal on Education in Emergencies is pleased to announce the fourth issue of our journal. We are excited to include five research articles, one field note, and four book reviews, with two research articles previewing our upcoming special issue on refugees and education, and the others delving into education administration in post-conflict societies. Some of the great, and relevant, topics covered in these pieces explore refugee students’ resiliency and citizenship education, power-sharing in formal resolutions to conflict, and the work of peacemakers from Lebanon to Northern Ireland and Macedonia.

This issue also includes a special sub-section that presents three articles that dissect education’s role in shaping divided societies during and after intrastate conflict, which we are calling “Education Administration in Postconflict Societies.” It offers fresh perspectives on the politics that underlie the structure and agenda of education systems that are affected by ethnic tensions. It asks the important questions: How is education a platform for exercising power? How can education be a means for reconciliation? How are conflict and division propagated through education policy and practice? How do stakeholders navigate the precarious challenges of maintaining peace while reforming education systems?

The full Journal on Education in Emergencies, Volume 4, Number 1 (PDF), can be downloaded for free, and the full articles and abstracts, as well as podcast interviews with the authors, can be accessed on the INEE website.

For detailed information about the Journal on Education in Emergencies, and for instructions on how submit articles, please visit


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