This paper was conceptualized and developed by the INEE Education Policy Working Group subgroup on Youth, Violence and Peacebuilding. Though there remains limited consensus on how to define violent extremism, this paper highlights some of the more commonly used concepts and working definitions, presents current thinking and up-to-date research, and provides some examples of how education can contribute to preventing violent extremism. INEE does not take a particular stance.

The paper is the most recent addition to the INEE’s work gathering resources on education and preventing violent extremism (PVE) from around the world, which may help policy-makers, teachers, principals, trainers, and researchers understand better the link between education and violent extremism and promote the positive ‘face’ of education. The paper, a synthesis video, and INEE’s catalogue of resources on Preventing Violent Extremism are all available on the INEE PVE webpage.

The thematic paper can also be downloaded in English from the INEE Resource Database. Undesigned versions in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic are also available.

We encourage you to share the paper and the rest of the content on the INEE PVE webpage widely!


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