Welcome to ECCN’s  first edition of a dynamic and interactive repository that currently hosts more than 1000 vetted resources pertaining to Education in Crisis and Conflict. You can access these resources by using the “Search Repository” or  “Browse by Category” tabs below.

We are in the process of further building out this repository and additional resources will be added on an ongoing basis as ECCN releases new products and also accepts contributions from the field. You can suggest a resource for the repository by using the button below:

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Please note that you must be logged into the site in order to submit a resource.

How to Use Repository

You can fill in as many or as few of the search fields as you’d like.

  • Filling in two or more fields will be read as ‘AND’ so that resources that fulfill both search criteria are displayed.
  • Each of the search fields includes a brief explanation if you hover over the question mark (?)
  • Under Topics, Target Populations, Locations and Resource Type, a drop-down menu will display all the terms that are possible within that search criteria. The number of articles that fulfill that criteria will be displayed in parentheses.

Clicking the ‘Submit’ button will provide you a list of resources that fulfill your criteria.

The results are displayed alphabetically by Author, or by Agency if no authors are cited.

Each resource in the results list will include some basic information about each article: Author, Full Citation, Topic(s), Location(s), Resource Type(s).

When you click on a resource, it will bring you to a page with the basic information and also a resource overview/summary, methodology and findings. You will also find a link to the document.

Note that each resource has a Comments section. Please feel free to start or contribute to a conversation about the resource. Was it helpful? In what way? How will you use it? What are related resources we should consider adding to the repository?

Links with Web Tools

Some of the resources included in the repository are linked with their own interactive Web Tools for exploring priority content areas.

Primary and secondary research on Safer Learning Environments (SLE) is linked with interactive Evidence Gap Maps (for internal and external threats, health threats and natural hazards).

A particular resource page will tell you whether it is associated with a Web Tool, and provide a link to access the tool and associated resources. 

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