On September 27-28, USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network (ECCN) in partnership with FHI 360 and Save the Children will host a two-day training in Washington, D.C., for practitioners and policy makers to use INEE’s Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) Pack. The training will also increase understanding and the application of CSE practices and principles in crisis and conflict-affected environments.

The training will focus on the following topics:

  1. Steps for conducting a Rapid Education and Risk Analysis;
  2. Interaction between programs and conflict;
  3. Conflict sensitive strategies for access to learning environments;
  4. Conflict sensitive strategies for teaching and learning;
  5. Conflict sensitive strategies for teachers and other education personnel;
  6. Conflict sensitive strategies for education policy;
  7. CSE monitoring and evaluation.

The training will begin with an introduction to CSE  followed by a presentation about how best to conduct a RERA. After lunch, facilitators will address the interaction between access to learning environments and conflict as well as conflict sensitive M&E.

On the second day, facilitators will continue with conflict sensitive strategies for teaching and learning. The final module of the training addresses education policy, with concrete guidance for working with host governments.

At the end of the training, participants will have a better understanding of CSE approaches and will be equipped to incorporate both CSE approaches and effective monitoring and evaluating techniques into their work. The training will prepare practitioners to look beyond the impact of conflict on access to education, by introducing strategies that help identify ways to mitigate the potential for education to fuel conflict and reinforce inequalities that exacerbate conflict.

To learn more about the training, please check out the materials posted below.

Day 1

Slide Deck from Modules 1-4

Resources for Module 1: Conflict Sensitive Education

Resources for Module 2: Rapid Education and Risk Analysis (RERA)

Resources for Module 3: Interaction between Program Parameters and Conflict

Resources for Module 4: M&E

Day 2

Slide Deck from Modules 5-8

Resources for Module 5: Access and Learning Environments

Resources for Module 6: Teachers and Education Personnel

Resources for Module 7: Teaching and Learning

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