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IndicatorsWelcome to ECCN’s Online Resource of Recommended Custom Indicators for EiCC projects.

This resource contains lists indicators useful for monitoring and evaluating EiCC projects. Complete Performance Indicator Reference Sheets (PIRS) are provided for indicators that have been selected through expert reviews.  As we complete further review and piloting processes, we will continue to update the lists throughout 2018.

This resource has been developed in response to the significant gaps exposed by ECCN’s 2015–16 analysis of indicators used in USAID EiCC projects, as well as to demand from the EiCC Community of Practice. We have prioritized the development of outcome indicators in four domains that are central to EiCC.  Use the tabs to access the indicators and resources relevant to each domain.

Why has ECCN provided this indicator resource?

  • To respond to demand from the ECCN Community of Practice.
  • To address gaps detected by research into the monitoring of Education in Crisis and Conflict programs.
  • To provide a rich resource for thinking about M&E Systems.

How have the indicators been selected and developed?

  • Through careful review and synthesis of existing guidance and indicator sets.
  • Through multiple rounds of expert review and refinement.

When and how should I use these indicators?

  • To inform reflection on relevant activities, outputs, and outcomes for specific program design.
  • To integrate practical, concrete means of monitoring and measuring program progress.

What’s next?

  • We will continue to roll out additional recommended indicators and PIRS.
  • We will publish lists of indicators that have been considered useful.

Email ECCN’s Protocols and Metrics Specialist for more information.

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